Product Details With Specification

Hostel Management

Hostel Management is a very complete management system with great features made for hostels. It saves lot of time , very helpful to avoid lots of Excel paper work. Our hostel management system is the only option which can satisfy all the requirements you want.

Product Specification :

  • Maintain the students as hostellers and waiting list students separately
  • Process allotment list
  • Admin can send the approval notification to every approved student via email 
  • Automatically insert student’s details to the hosteller’s record when the allotment is confirmed by the admin and deleted when vacation is conformed or after the course end date
  • Students can register their complaints
  • Admin can edit notice board and each student can view it
  • Hostel secretary can calculate hostel fee including mess fee and can edit mess menu
  • Hostellers can check the status of every month’s hostel fee
  • Low Cost, User Friendly and Unique application model for every college and schools
  • Free Responsive Website and User Interface with Hostel Management Application
  • Very Easy access through Laptop/Desktop/Tab/Mobile
  • Implementation and Training at no cost
  • Online promotions like Google/Social Media at free of cost
  • Save your Time and Cost.
  • It has Three Modules as described below :

            1. Administrator module
             2. Student Module
             3. Secretary Module 


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