PPC( Pay per click)

"Pay per click (PPC) is an Internet advertising model used to direct traffic to websites, where advertisers pay the publisher (typically a website owner) when the ad is clicked. With search engines, advertisers typically bid on keyword phrases relevant to their target market.

The faculty members of AbsolutelyDominate.com firmly believe Daily Ad Split Testing is “the key” to reducing click costs in PPC Management. Our staff takes the time to write a specific ad for each keyword you have even if you have thousands of keywords. Here is what makes us most successful in ppc management; we actually write multiple ads for your keywords so that the ads can then be tested against each other to determine which ads performs the best and entice the most clicks. We delete the losing ads so that all of your ads displaying are literally the best of the best. At Absolutely Domiante.com we pride ourselves in the fact that we perform Split Testing on your ads every single day. Google in turn rewards our clients with lower click costs and terrific ad placement.

Campaign Optimization

The moment you become a client our Faculty Members first have one primary goal. That goal is to eliminate wasteful or unnecessary spending from your campaigns right from the start. There is a very precise manner in which adwords campaigns must be organized in order to dramatically reduce wasteful spending and ridiculous click costs. Our staff also performs a full sweep of your keyword lists to quarantine negative keywords that result in several clicks but no sales. Our precise method of campaign optimization and keyword sweeping results in saving you hundreds of dollars right off the bat.

Adgroup Optimization

As world leaders in ppc management we utilize the most advanced form of Adgroup Optimization to-date. Regardless of the massive amount of time this process takes, the staff of AbsoluteyDomiante.com skillfully sorts through each of your keyword lists and creates a unique adgroup for every single keyword you have. Even though this process can take up to several days it dramatically decreases our clients’ costs per click and plays a huge role in making our clients’ campaigns have Perfect Relevancy.

Ad Optimization

Expert PPC Campaign Management requires that all Google adwords campaigns have Perfect Relevancy in order to decrease click costs. Ad Optimization is a major part of making a campaign have perfect relevancy. If Google finds the keyword searched on appearing in text ad then Google will reward you with a lower cost per click and higher ad placement. (More Click for Less Money)

Magic Keyword Insertion

At AbsolutelyDominate.com we use a secret strategy called Magic Keyword Insertion. Using this special tactic we are able to make your website be perfectly relevant to every single keyword you have. Say someone does a search on LG Phones and they click your ad the keyword LG Phones will magically appear in strategic places on your website. Google rewards your site with perfect relevancy and rewards you with lower click costs for that keyword and higher ad placement.

Keyword Research is Where Most PPC Management Companies Stop Short.

Most ppc management services brainwash their clients into believing keyword research is the most important aspect of ppc management. We at Absolutely Dominate are here to tell you that they are dead wrong. While Keyword Research is important it’s not the catch-all when it comes to successful ppc campaign management. While our staff is highly trained on the most advanced techniques of keyword research we strongly believe it’s only a small part of the equation in ppc management. Unlike average run-of-the-mill ppc management services our Keyword Research strategies do not just focus finding you the keywords most commonly used in your niche. We base our Keyword Research solely on finding the keywords in your niche that work and convert best for you. We will NOT assist you in wasting money on keywords that do not convert into sales.

Advanced Keyword Bidding Strategies

As world class experts in Google Adwords bidding strategies the faculty and staff of AbsolutelyDominate.com use only the most advanced form of bidding known to man. With specialized knowledge and the use of Google Conversion Optimizer we are able to determine the exact amounts for each keyword bid. We are able to maximize your campaigns’ profitability and provide you with very reasonable budget planning.

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